License Expired!

The license embedded with this VM has expired, so no point in downloading it now. I've removed the files. Please see this link for an updated 2014D version.

VMWare VIDA2012B Image

From bobthebuilding100000:

Hello All,

I've made a VMWare Player image of VIDA 2012B. This means there is NO INSTALL needed, so don't need to setup a separate computer or worry about VIDA screwing things up. In fact VIDA runs on a completely separate (Virtual) computer from your main computer this way.

It's all setup and ready to go. I encourage you to mirror/send this anywhere as I don't know how long these links will stay up for.

VMWare Player is a free download from . Note this means the 'untrusted' VIDA DOES NOT run on your actual computer, it runs in a 'virtual' one inside of VMWare Player.

The first 6 are 1.00GB files, the last one is 95MB.

You will have to use 7Zip to extract them once all of them are downloaded. The exacted file takes about 14GB of disk space.